I was just reading Matthew Reece’s article “The Real Reason Why We Pay Taxes” wherein he rebuts the SCDOR’s argument for taxation, and one of the points SCDOR made is so ridiculous, so completely irrational, that I cannot help but add to Matthew’s rebuttal (I’m surprised he didn’t notice this flaw himself). The point was (speaking of government-provided ‘services’):
“… But why must they be paid for with taxes? Why shouldn’t we just pay individually for what we use? The answer is simple: Because no one could afford it. Each person would have to pay the full fee for the service regardless of their ability to pay.”
Whoever wrote this article apparently believes that if people pay for each other’s needs, they somehow have more money than they do if they all pay for their own needs. This is just bullshit. There is no other word for it.