In Drivers Ed the agents of the state who are given custody of you make sure to indoctrinate you with the idea that the right to drive is something the state gives you and that the state can take from you at any time. But is it? Let’s think about this.

Driving is the act of using a vehicle that you own to transport yourself much faster than is otherwise possible. Explain to me how that is a privilege that needs to be given? You’re not using a vehicle that somebody else owns (you could be, but you aren’t necessarily). You’re not transporting anybody who doesn’t want to be transported (again, you could be, but most often you aren’t). And you’re not driving on a road that anybody else owns. No, the government does not own the roads because the government does not own anything. How could it? The government is not a person. Only people can own things. Therefore driving is not a government-granted privilege.

Here’s another way to look at it: to take someone’s right to do something, you have to have a plan in mind for what to do if they don’t cooperate. Does the government have one? Yes it does. What is it? Why, abduct the person and throw them in a cage, of course. In other words, if you use something you own – in a way that harms nobody* – without the government’s permission, they will take your freedom to use any of your possessions at all. And this is the organization that people claim is there to protect their rights…

*I am not actually an NAP advocate, but almost everyone in this society is (or rather claims to be) so I found it to be a more persuasive argument than replacing that phrase with something more expressive of Protagonism.