Government encourages discrimination. Why? Because every group whose members are driven by self-interest (which most people in the world primarily are) and is completely unaccountable to anyone outside itself will discriminate against those who bear some superficial dissimilarity to the people inside the group.
For an example of why this is, consider the following: there is a country populated by both black and white people but governed entirely by white ones. The goverment decides to raise taxes on black people, because the more taxes black people pay, the less white people have to pay to keep the government’s wealth constant. The reason they’d be more likely to do it this way instead of raising taxes on everyone is because this way makes the rulers part of a privileged group. (The effect is stronger in a republic like America’s where government officials are not thmeselves exempt from the law (supposedly), so they want to make the laws favor their own demographic.) Now don’t even give me any of this shit about how democratic government are “accountable” to the people at large, because a democractic government IS the people at large, so that is not someone outside itself. Hence any majority-based government will discriminate against minorities. QED.