Don’t get me wrong: I am no communist. I believe in private property and always have and always will. But I think communism gets an extremely disproportionate amount of hate in our society compared to other evils (especially considering that most of the people who claim to hate it in this country are statists and therefore support some limited form of communism). Communism isn’t THAT evil. It’s not nearly as evil as, say, using imprisonment as a punishment. Communism (at least in its best form) is based on the idea that people have a duty to be altruistic. And that’s actually true. The only thing wrong with it is the assumption that there is no difference between not doing something good and doing something evil (a mistake very much like our culture’s idea of Binary Morality). But if you think about it, an ideal world – where everyone was a perfect person – would be (almost) indistinguishable from communism. In the vast majority of cases there would be no need for any concept of private property if there were no such thing as selfishness and no such thing as someone who would use your things for a less-than-noble purpose (at least not knowingly – hence the ‘almost’ above), and thus everything would just be shared freely. So communism isn’t so much evil as excessively idealistic.